Welcome to Cheeky Swim – where swimwear meets comfort, vibrancy, and confidence! I'm Chelsea, the founder and creator behind Cheeky.

Back in 2016, I embarked on a journey to redefine the swimwear experience for those wanting to feel more comfortable in a bikini. Fueled by my personal frustration of never finding swimwear that was both comfortable and lively, Cheeky Swim was born. I wanted to break free from the discomfort of swimwear that would dig into your side, creating pieces that effortlessly embraced and complemented real bodies.

Having grown up in Islamorada FL, where the sunshine is abundant and vibrant colors are a way of life, my designs are a reflection of the beachy spirit that surrounded me. At Cheeky Swim, we believe that swimwear should be an expression of joy, an extension of your personality, and far from basic.

What sets Cheeky Swim apart is the dedication to comfort without compromising style. Most of our swimwear is handmade, here in south Florida. We take pride in our ethical design and manufacturing practices, ensuring that every creation reflects our commitment to both fashion and responsibility.

Cheeky Swim is all about making you feel confident and carefree. No more digging into your sides, no more uncomfortable moments by the pool – our bikinis are designed to flawlessly fit your body. They are seamless, mostly reversible, and crafted with the utmost attention to detail.

Being self-taught in the art of sewing has allowed me to bring a personal touch to each creation. 

So, dive into Cheeky Swim, where swimwear is not just an accessory but a statement. Embrace the colors, embrace the comfort, and most importantly, embrace your confidence. Thank you for being a part of the Cheeky Swim family – where every bikini is made with sunshine and love!